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Dear Wild Woman

Dear Wild Woman,

Welcome to Wild Moon! I’m so excited you have found this community of women. I’m wondering what has brought you here (and maybe you are too!). Are you looking for ways to become more in touch with your true self? Ways to become stronger and more resilient – physically, mentally, and emotionally? Ways to become more connected to the magic of the moon and everything she shines on? Or maybe it’s something else – leave a comment below telling us what you are looking for! Whatever it is, I want you to know that you have found yourself in the right place. At Wild Moon, we provide learning experiences and adventures for women to do all these things and more. We envision a world where women are aligned with their full power and potential and live fearlessly from their intuition. A world where all of us know and feel the sacred rhythms of the moon, the seasons, and our bodies, and allow their energies to guide us. A world where communication with plants and animals, birds and trees, stones and stars is the way of life. We envision a world where none of us have to wear a mask to hide our true beauty, because we have claimed our innate beauty as our own. To manifest this vision as reality, we offer workshops and backpacking trips that teach women the art and skills of moon cycle awareness, nature connection, and living outdoors. Sign up for our email list to be the first to hear when we post new events, or email us at with any questions or comments! We’d love to hear from you and see you on a Wild Moon adventure!


Wild Moon

P.S. - If you know a woman in your life who would love to get this letter - send the link over to them!

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